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Installing on Windows

  1. Download and unzip Ayva WebSocket Hub (Windows).zip into a directory of your choosing.

  2. (Optional) Certificate Installation. Install the certificate for Certera by double-clicking on the Certera_CABundle.crt in the unzipped folder. Note: This step is not required, but may prevent "Unknown Publisher" messages when running the application. Certera is the Certificate Authority (CA) that was used to digitally sign the application.

    certera certificate.PNG

    Click Install Certificate and keep the default settings in the installation wizard.

    install certificate.PNG

  3. Double-click Ayva WebSocket Hub.exe to run the application.

    click awh2.png
    You may see the following warning message:


    This is because the kind of certificate Ayva WebSocket Hub was signed with builds reputation over time.
    Eventually this will stop appearing after enough users have installed the application (or enough time has passed). 

    If you click "More info" you can verify that the Publisher is Ayva Software LLC.


    Click "Run anyway" and the application should open:


  4. Consult the Guide for information about how to use it.