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Onahole Adapters

This collection of adapters allows strokers to utilize certain Onaholes in lieu of the default Fleshlight receiver. The original design was submitted by user geogan, but significant contributions have been made by others in the community.

At the current time, the following files should be downloaded:

At least one of the following

Builds: SSR1, SR6, OSR2

  • Onahole Holder (La Bocca Della Verita): This works for "La Bocca Della Verita" ("The Mouth of Truth") and may work for other "smaller" onaholes.  This file also contains "The Tower" (by Godas).  If you download this zip file, you don't need to also download "The Tower" (by Godas).
  • Onahole Holder (Wide 8cm Base Ring): This works for wider onaholes.  The bottom ring is wider than the "La Bocca Della Verita" variant.


Also need "The Tower" (by Godas)

Builds: SSR1

  • The Tower: An alternative to the SSR1 receiver that attaches to the onahole adapters.  A thread detailing all of the work required to get this working can be found here.  A step file is provided but should be printable using the slicer that you normally use.  The Tower is a remix from an original alternate receiver (by Telani).  
  • NOTE: At the current time, this tower requires significant post-processing.  Please refer to this thread (also linked above).


Also need a "Modbase" (by Khrull)

Builds: OSR2+(?), SR6(?)

  • Modbase Revised (by Khrull): This is screwed to the bottom onahole ring.  Make sure you join this to the onahole adapter with the bolts facing up instead of down.


Builds: All Robots

Assembled Product