Funscript Playback


Funscript Players (Free)

Perhaps the easiest way to get started.

Currently single axis only. Compatible with a range of stroker devices, including SR6/OSR2 via serial connection.

MultiFunPlayer (Free/Paid versions)

Free version features:

Patreon subscriber version additional feature:

XTPlayer (Free)

Cross platform TCode media player with library management and a local website for streaming to other systems.
Windows, Linux and Mac builds provided.



See github for features.
Binary releases can be found on Patreon and Github

Legacy Funscript Players

Following funscript players can work, but are not recommended as they do not appear to be actively maintained.

Guide: streaming from SexLikeReal

Note: requires paid subscription

Guide: local video and funscript files

Play funscripts using VLC and MultiFunPlayer

What you need


  1. Configure VLC
    1. Tools > Preferences (Ctrl + P)
    2. Show all settings (on the bottom left of the window)


    3. Scroll down to Interface and click on Main interfaces
      Tick the checkbox for Web


    4. Click on the arrow next to Main interfaces, go to Lua, and enter a password in the Password field.


    5. Save, close VLC and reopen it

  2. Configure MultiFunPlayer
    1. Connect to VLC 
      • On the very top box, click the + icon and select VLC


      • Click the dropdown arrow on the right of the box, and enter the same password you entered in the VLC Preferences


      • Click on the Play button under the "VLC" tab, and it should connect to VLC

    2. Connect to your stroker
      • Plug in the USB cable
      • At the very bottom of the interface, click on the + button on the right, and select Serial


      • Click the serial port dropdown menu, and select your microcontroller
        (pictured: ESP32)


      • Click the play arrow under Serial to connect to it

Your interface should now look something like this


Playing back a video alongside a funscript

  1. Open a video with VLC
  2. MultiFunPlayer will automagically pick up the funscripts and assign them to the right axes, if
    • They are stored alongside the video
    • They are in the same folder as the video
    • They are named correctly

In MFP version 1.28, it appears the funscripts don't load automagically alongside VLC.
To remedy this, click the Script Repositories button (the three stacked pancakes with a magnifying glass), and add either the folder of your video as a source, or its parent folder and make it recursive using the checkbox to its right.


The above issue seems to be fixed in version 1.29 Alpha

Happy stroking!